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We cover all aspects of tree care, including planting, pruning, branch removal, felling, stump grinding and site clearance in Bristol.

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We always aim to provide our customers with the most professional service. We are knowledgeable about the needs of trees, and are trained and equipped to provide proper care.

We understand how a tree can become a real asset with the right care and attention, or a real problem if badly chosen or sited.

Hedge Cutting

Hedge Care in the Bristol area, any shape or size are within our capability

Hedge Cutting & Trimming

Either a regular cut or the restoration of a derelict and overgrown hedge. We work on all species and always achieve a clean and straight finish. We have many impressed customers, and our scrupulous standard of clean up often recommends us to others.

Stump Removal

Trying to remove the stump by digging it out may prove an impossible and exhausting task. 

General tree felling works can only remove the part of the tree above the ground. This leaves a stump which will take many years to rot away. Worse still, many species such as fruit trees, Sycamore and Ash will continue to grow almost unhindered after being reduced to a stump and will send up countless strong shoots which need to be continually controlled.

Trying to kill the stump with poisons is often ineffective, is hardly good for wildlife, and still leaves you with a dead stump that will take years to rot.

The answer is the mechanical stump grinder, which obliterates the stump with a rotating tungsten carbide-toothed cutting wheel. Our fleet of mechanical stump grinding machines will match any task. As part of our felling or site clearance services, we are able to remove practically any stump. In most cases this will completely halt any regrowth and prepare the site for replanting.

We have a ‘lightweight’ model, which can clear a 75cm (29.5″) gap, which is perfect for narrow domestic situations, in tight corners, on slopes or over obstacles.

Our most powerful model is the Vermeer SC252. This machine will tackle the largest, hardest stumps with ease. It requires a clearance of 89cm (35″).

Tree Work

Our trained staff can safely deal with any tree, regardless of its size, shape or location.


A tree might need to be felled for all sorts of reasons, and can either be felled ‘in one’ where space allows, or carefully dismantled over an obstacle such as a road or building.

A dying or diseased tree may have become to unsafe, or a very vigorous tree may have outgrown its situation.


We provide the full range of pruning operations for trees. However, there is often confusion over exactly what the various pruning terms mean. We can discuss all of the options with you and recommend the best course of action.

There are 3 main  types of tree pruning services we offer which are: Crown Thinning, Crown Reduction & Crown Lifting

Tree Felling South Glos
Tree Pruning Bristol

Seasoned Firewood

We supply and deliver quality seasoned mixed hardwood and softwood logs in the Bristol area.

Seasoned Firewood In Bristol

Logs are split and sawn, and sold in net sacks, more economical 1m³ bags, or by the truckload. Net sacks are great for those with limited storage or who need an easy-to-handle package. Our 1m³ bags are best for customers who burn logs regularly and would like the economy of bulk buying.

From £65 p/cubic meter


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